Modern Residence Design Perfectly Combine with Natural Atmosphere

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House Zochental is a modern residence design that will male the homeowner feel comfort to live there. This house was beautifully built to indulge the human senses. Now let us see how beautiful the exterior and interior side of House Zochental is. This residence shows you a three story concepts house in modern design. When you see the exterior, you will see glass windows in large size dominate the house.

The house looks so unique with perfect combination between wooden material, glass, and also cement wall. The living room is located in first floor. When you step into the living room, you will see a comfort living room in modern living room design. The living room is not too spacious but it is comfort and you can see the warm yellow light around you. Not too far from the living room, you will find the stair to the dining room and kitchen room.

The dining room is so simple in minimalist dining room design. There is only a small dining room with six chairs around the wooden table. Behind the dining table you can see a modern kitchen set design in metal material. You can see beautiful view around the house through the dining room because you only see glass windows in large size around the house. Now, it is the time to see how comfort the bedroom is. The main bedroom is located in third floor. You can see minimalist bedroom concept with glass windows around the room.

This house is more than just ordinary house because you will find peace and comfort feeling in here. When you want to share your time with your family, you can enjoy your family time while looking at the beautiful view around the house. House Zochental shows you the perfect modern residence design that makes you feel so close with nature.

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