Modern House Plan in the Sloping Area of Californian Suburb

Awesome Hills Mansion With Luxury Three Story Design With Glass Pool And Showcase Garage Also Transparent Interior With Wide Glass Door And Glass Windows

The concept of mega of California is a house plan which has been proposed with the ultra-modern ideas of modern housing. This concept is planning to create a dream house in a sloping area which rich of natural view as mountains and Pacific Ocean. In relation to the environmental sight, this house is planned with modern concept which is maximizing the use of glasses for the wall and the infinity swimming pool. The use of glass will not only provide the advanced look of modernity but also improve the function of the house as the perfect nestling in exploiting the natural panorama.

The plan of this structure is amazing. The three story of cantilever building which looks like a glass house will be placed in the top of a hill. This beneficial place can uplift the design to be more lavish and glamor in every corner and detail. This modern house plan is also using the platform method in following the sloping terrain. The strong pillars are used to support the garage and gym which is designed in the platform. On this platform, you will also notice the infinity pool with the open air deck. The deck is then furnished with comfortable furniture on which you can enjoy the wonderful sight of the natural hilly area of California.

Moreover, the house is applying neutral color as black, grey and white on the entire space of the building. This neutral color is somehow brilliant since it can mingle with the outer environment. The decorating ornament in the exterior wall is also able to enliven the neutral accent of this fantastic building.

In line with the design, the sight which is provided by this high point is amazing. The green landscape has become the transition between this ultra-modern house with the crowded urban area. Finally, the modern house design which will be applied by this concept will be extravagantly great as it can show the glamorous modern architecture in its single detail.

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