Modern Home Shape Design in Green Neighborhood

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The design of home in green neighborhood needs a good home shape which can complete the outside looking from that home itself. The form of roof, and building on the bottom also unique. The second floor has a form which similar with trapezoidal form, where one side range to other side. Then, for basic building which becomes main building has square model. So, the arrangement between top floor and bottom floor is not same, where there is a space which doesn’t connected by both floors. For, outside space there is a terrace on front of house. There is also a space on side of house which becomes a way to go to the behind of house. The fence stands on the side of house which separate between other houses. There is no such kind of small park on front of house, because it just small space and connected directly to the road way.

Home Shape Architecture

The architecture for home itself can be seen from the form of roof. The roof which has different form from other becomes a sign or characteristic from that house itself. Home shape contour divided into some parts which arrange those form of house. First is form of trapezoidal floor and roof, where there is such kind of an abstract model of rectangle which designed for top building. However, for the left side of second floor has same form which can be unity with first floor on the bottom?

There are also some arrangements of wood or steel which adhere on outside of second floor. Those things arranged orderly and surround a half of building. It also applied for first floor which can be a protector of wall room. Then, for the behind of house, there is a terrace which has unique shape too, where look like trapezoidal form. For, the outdoor terrace, it use wood component as basic floor.

Simple Home Shape

The simple one from those kind of model also influence to the design and furniture inside of house. For this model, there is no such kind of special furniture, but perhaps people can add unique form of lamp cover which adheres on ceiling. Because of the large of land also not really big, so second floor utilized as bedroom and bathroom too. Home shape arrangement always designed as well by people, but should be considered too with large of land and main basic model of house.

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