Modern Home Design with Perfect Combination of Natural Living Concept

Awesome Natural Home Design In 2013 With Concrete Stair And Large Glass Window Wooden Wall

Here is the best idea of classic modern home design that you will never forget. This house is beautifully built in classical but modern design. You will never know how beautiful the house is until you see it by yourself. This house has three floors with contemporary design but it is also classical at once. This house is located in the hills so you can see the beautiful view around the house.

The house is beautifully built with wooden panel material and that is why this house looks classic but modern at once. This house is also looks so natural because the house is dominted with glass windows and doors. You can call this house as natural home design in modern looks. Now let’s see the interior room of this house. There are so many great spots in this house, but maybe dining room is the best spot that you can see. The dining room shows you a classical touch from the wooden table with three glass pendant lamps hanging in the ceiling.

You can see a beautiful view of green jungle through the dining room area. It can make you feel like you are in the middle of somewhere, but of course it is really comfort to sit on the chair while looking at the view. This house has spacious room and also spacious backyard. You can feel comfort while you are inside the room or you are playing around the backyard.

The main bedroom makes you want to sleep in a long time. It has a minimalist bedroom design with queen size bed and two modern table lamps on the left and right side of the bed. This house also has a beautiful balcony on the top floor. You can imagine like you are in paradise while looking at the beautiful view in front of you. This is one of the best modern home design ideas combine with natural living concept.


Awesome Natural Home Design In 2013 With Concrete Wall  And Flat Roof Glass Window Sliding Glass Door Natural View Green Spruce

Awesome Natural Home Design In 2013 With Flat Roof And Concrete Wall  Glass Window Natural View Green Spruce

Awesome Natural Home Design In 2013 With Glass Window And Wooden Wall Green Trees Natural View

Awesome Natural Home Design In 2013 With Large Glass Window And Glass Door Wooden Floor Concrete Wall Brown Sofa

Awesome Natural Home Design In 2013 With Large Glass Window And Silidng Glass Door Flat Roof Green Trees Natural View Iron Fence

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awesome-natural-home-design-in-2013-with-concrete-wall -and-flat-roof-glass-window-sliding-glass-door-natural-view-green-spruce
awesome-natural-home-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-concrete-wall -glass-window-natural-view-green-spruce


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