Modern Home Design: Pearl Valley 276

Cozy Sofa Living Room Concrete Ceiling Wooden Floor

Pearl Valley 276 is one of the best contemporary homes with modern home design I have ever found. This modern home was designed by Antoni Associates, and is located in Pearl, Cape Town, South Africa. This modern home was decorated with some unique items and stylish furniture to create an astounding home interior. For more information, I have some pictures of the Pearl Valley 276.

Modern Home Design Items and Furniture

What makes me fall in love with this modern interior design is the items and furniture which have unusual yet unique design. As you can see at the pictures, at the hallway, you can see some impressive wall decorations. At the living room, you can see surprising concrete ceiling, stylish relaxation chair with pouf. I love also the wavy shape of the informal dining table and a sophisticated chandelier above it. The dining room, the rustic wooden table with impressive feet is separated with impressive room divider. Bedroom with wooden beams and the bathroom with wooden deck are also interesting.

Modern Home Design Interior Design

As mentioned above, this modern house is equipped with some unique items and furniture. The items and the furniture create amazing interior looks. For example, the living room with wooden flooring and concrete marble which is featured with elegant gray sofa looks amazing. The living room is directly connected with informal dining space, home bar and modern kitchen. With the help of some lights, chandelier, ceiling lamps, cabinet lamps, etc. the interior looks more impressive.

If you seriously want to have some ideas for creating your modern home, this Antoni Associates’ work can be your reference. It provides some ideas of adding some unusual yet stylish items and furniture. Then, it also tells you the fascinating home interior design. For more detail modern interior design ideas, you can again have a look at the pictures or you can also find some other references.

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