Modern Fortress House Plans Following Modern House Design

Green Pool Water With Natural Plant Decoration And Natural Fortress Building Style For Modern Fortress House Design

Fortress building can be designed modernly such fortress house plans built by following modern house design so it can be functioned as a comfortable house living. A modern design of fortress is made by Reyes Rios + Larrain Arquitectos that had been applied in a project of Hacienda Bacoc. A modern style and design of building that is combined with modern design of facilities applied will create a perfect design of fortress that has a modern impression.

A modern design of swimming pool is also designed to make a house garden to look more modern. Plant decoration applied surrounding the swimming pool will make a beautiful impression of the swimming pool design. Style of building made in Hacienda Bacoc project is still have an original of style of fortress building that is decorated and modified properly to create a modern concept of a building. Building design had is similar with modern concrete homes designs.

A natural decoration of garden house design will create an artistic impression of a house exterior design that has a fortress building style. It looks so natural to be decorated by using natural grass and plant decoration. Natural pool design with natural green color of pool water is a special decoration of a house exterior design that has a natural impression. Minimalist design of wooden furniture is also applied in a house terrace that will be able to be functioned maximally as a comfortable place to take a rest.

A house interior design of Hacienda Bacoc project is also designed simply. A simple design of a house interior design looks special because of some unique furniture applied in a house interior design can create a special interior design impression. For instance, traditional design of wooden desk applied in a dining room look so classic and traditional for contemporary homes designs applied in fortress house style.

Natural Plant Decoration With Red Wall And Green Pool Water Also Glass Window For Modern Fortress House Design

Outdoor Plants With Glass Window And Green Trees For Modern Fortress House Design

Outdoor Plant With Red Wall And Green Pool Water Also Natural Fortress Building Style For Modern Fortress House Design

Rectangular Swimming Pool With Outdoor Plants And Glass Door For Modern Fortress House Design

White Floor With White Bed And Bedside Glass Table Also Wooden Door For Modern Bedroom Design

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