Modern Family Home with Unique Exterior

White Sloping House Backyard With Green Grass Glass Window

There is a family home which use unique exterior for its cover. The outside model deliberately designed with unique form. So, people who pass on front of home will look more about home model. It because of main building made with little bit abstract model Where there is such kind of trapezoidal form which can be found on roof. The exterior which form those kind of home also covered by neutral color which is white. This home consists from gradual design. Where some people nowadays prefer to design gradual home rather than usual home. Regardless from that matter, the land of this home is very huge. There is Green Park which surrounds that home. Behind of home look very adorable with green side from park. The front door directly connected to the living room inside and small terrace outside, where it almost touch road. There are some indentations which already adhere on its part of home. Exterior become a good media for those kind of model. The indentation make exterior nuance become more different, and then it also lead to the inside design, where most of exterior indentation will also happen inside of room.

People who want their living house become more comfortable will always think about home development model, where family home concept still become a priority, where there are some many people support those kind of priority. The fence also exists as one of security and makes a boundary between one space with other space. The home ladder also look unique, where there are many indentation which is adopted for home design. Each room has its own view which can be seen.

Next, inside of home consist from some important rooms. There are such as living room, dining room, kitchen room, bedroom, and bathroom. In kitchen room already set up with complete kitchen set, and completed again by modern stuffs, also high technology. The living room also can be a dining room, where most of them sometimes didn’t look at different room. It also makes it more an effective, where people not only have to control each room. However, bathroom also use modern bathtub. The outside space on first floor becomes one of good spot in this home model.

This home is very unique, because of this owner deliberately or tends to make a unique form, especially for exterior. Some people make their exterior with good shape, where it only consist from main building, which completed by hard roof. The hard roof should be has its ladder inside of home. The glass windows also still exist as one of good complement. Family home setting also should be realized as well, where each room has that kind of thing.

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Oval-White-Bathtub-With-Stainless-Faucet-And Sloping-Roof-Design


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