Modern Exterior Design and High Interior Concept

Awesome Corridor With White Wall Shelves And Skylight Decor Plus Beige Carpet Flooring

The modern house needs modern exterior design and interior design reference, because both of them are important to build a modern or contemporary house. This page will help you out to find best reference about it. Through some pictures which we are provided here, you can get much reference. Anyway, this house is called Haus Von Arx. It is completed by Haberstroh Schneider. It is lucky for you finding this reference to add your house plan.

See these are high interior design concept and modern exterior design ideas. Let’s go to the exterior house first. There are some buildings in this house. They are designed with white wall and grey wall. Each building has glass windows. See, there are white circle stepping stones between the buildings. In the backyard, this house is designed with the pool. There is square swimming pool in the backyard. This pool is quite big. There are chairs and table next to the pool.

After that, let’s see the performance inside the house. See, there is green metal guardrail with the nice timber on the stair. The green guardrail is matching with the wall. On the green wall, there are some windows. These windows are applied on the wall along the stair, so you can see the outside view when pass this stair. In each window edge has dragon miniature. Then, along the stair, there are some lamp bulbs. They give the light for this house.

See the bedroom then. This bedroom is simple. There are not many furniture designs in this room. You can see the white bed and the wooden table in this room. This room is decorated with white wall and white ceiling. Above the bed is designed with glass roof. After all, these are interior and modern exterior design pictures to add the inspiration for creating house.

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