Modern and Luxury Home Design in Unique Concept

White Long Dining Table And Chairs With White Pendant Hanging Lamps

In Sydney, Australia, we will see a modern and luxury home with stunning terrace on the top of the house. This house actually is a redesign house and that is why you should take a look how beautiful the result of the redesign concept is. From outside you will see an elegant and luxurious home exterior dominated by stainless steel and aluminum material. When you step inside you can see a bright living room dominated by white color. It looks so elegant and modern with black leather sofas and two chrome chairs.

This house has glass door with aluminum frame, so you can see the view through the living room. Go inside to the family room and you will see comfort long sofa and two leather armchairs. The family room is spacious enough and behind a long sofa you can see a long dining table in white color. The dining room decorated with two large white pendant lamps hanging on the ceiling shows you luxury home design.

Beside the long dining table, you can see the kitchen bar set in modern style. It shows you a modern home design that you never imagine before. When you see the kitchen room that becomes a part of the dining room, then you can see modern kitchen set in metal material. The kitchen bar set is so beautiful with four adjustable bar chairs.

What about the bedroom? The bedroom is also looks stunning with king size bed and the brown bed cover. There is no divider between the bedroom and the bathroom. So you can see a unique room consist of two rooms in a head. At the corner of the room you will see beautiful bath-up design that has much storage below the bath-up. Whatever you see you will know it has modern and unique home design, just compare it with another home design and you will never get as good as this house.

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