Minimalist Sustainable Home with Some Unique Elements

Field House Black Floor Wooden Blind

Standing at a cornfield in Ellington, Wisconsin, USA, you will see the only white building of a sustainable home there. When we approach it, we recognize it as a modern family residence, unlike the common rural area residences with traditional and vintage styles. The house is designed in an aim to build an eco-friendly home feature ergonomic materials and furniture. The zinc-clad form is the most unique material in this building to protect the orchard near it from strong winter winds.

Sustainable Home: the Living Space

The interior looks as cozy as the common residences with modern and minimalist furniture. Sustainable home idea applies mostly ergonomic materials, such as the fireplace, the railings, the walls, and the kitchen furniture. Living room is one of the cozy area features a seating set with black leather upholstery, a glass coffee table, black wooden drawers, an iron side table, a handwriting pattern rug, and an arch lamp.

Sustainable Home: the Home Office

Passing the living space, there is a modern home office. Although it is small, it provides comfort and proper atmosphere to boost the occupant’s job performance. The large window offers natural lighting as well as a stunning view of cornfield outside. For office furniture, there are a minimalist modern desk, a red chair, a bumpy wooden chair, a red couch, a wooden bookshelf, and a saxophone which brings a classic nuance to the black walls and grey floors.

Located in a rural area does not make you must build a vintage or traditional house with all white or wooden furniture. Modern architecture is free to apply anywhere you like and this location gives you more benefit to have a modern home. It will be the only residence in modern concept and look eye-catching than the other homes. The modern sustainable home idea is designed minimalist, but provides comfort and warm living place for a happy family.

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