Minimalist Modern White House with Less Ornament

Classy Living Room Interior Design

Two-story building is the first impression when you are looking at this modern white house in Tel Aviv, Israel. The common elements of minimalist design, neutral tones, open space, and large windows truly describe it as a real modern architecture. Backyard landscape is the most appeal features a refreshing pool, glass pool fence, decks with outdoor lounge area, and plenty green vegetation in the garden.

Modern White House: the Living and Dining Spaces

Large sliding doors with frosted glass are the connector of the backyard and lower level of the modern white house design. The spacious family room has soft furnishing of beige and white furniture consists of an L-shape sofa, two white plush couches, and a round glass coffee table placed on a mocha fur rug. The dining space next to it also features the same soft furnishing but it is in cream dining set of a square table and six chairs.

Modern White House: the Kitchen and Entertainment Room

The kitchen in the other side has fully white appearance from the furniture and interior. High gloss furniture is designed in minimalist liners to build cabinetry, counters, and island, while two white bar stool are placed for a breakfast nook. Across the kitchen, there is an entertainment room features charming stylish wall and ceiling which decorate the area since it is less ornament. A white big sofa and a flat-screen TV are the only furniture set there.

Soft final furnishing always brings bright and clean appearance to your homes. It helps you to have enough lighting in the noon day as long as you have large windows or open space like in this house. Aside of that benefit, it is also easy to mixed with any ornaments if you want to decorate the interiors, but the more less the ornament, the best result it will be as to design modern house. The minimalist modern white house design delivers clean and tidy appearance for more comfortable interior.

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