Minimalist Japanese Apartment Design Unique Residence

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To have a unique home living can be an inspiring idea, like to have the Japanese Apartment Design. It will be very interesting for people to have a modern and luxurious interior design. There is a very unique residence in Yokohama, Japan. There is one residence in that city that has white – colored painting. From the outside, that house looks totally white.

Japanese Apartment Design; First Floor

It makes the house looks very interesting. Besides that, the house has many outdoor rooms. It can be called an outdoor room because the first floor of that residence is also equipped with the opened space. The architecture and the design of the second floor of that Japanese Apartment Design Ideas are also designed in a unique design. Therefore, it looks very amazing and interesting because of the opened space in the first floor of that house. That is really unique design of the first floor.

Because of its opened space design, there are only several furnishings in the first floor. That looks very unique. The interior design of the first floor is also equipped with the white color wall painting as well. That combination makes the first floor looks very creative and unique. Move to the second floor of the residence, there is a very interesting interior design. This time the second floor of that residence was designed well.

Japanese Apartment Design; Second Floor

There is very nice wooden flooring. The wooden flooring of that house is also equipped with the best color. Even though it was made from the wooden material, the color of that wooden flooring can showcase the bright color. The color of that wooden flooring is the light brown color. That is very interesting flooring unit because it is also equipped with the nice lighting unit. There is only a Japanese Apartment Design Small Space in the second floor and it is very elegant.

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