Minimalist Apartment Design with Simple Furniture

Carpet Pattern With Yellow Sofa And Wooden Round Table

People who really busy with their chose apartment design, especially in the middle of big city. Even the large is not really big as home, but the arrangement of each rooms and furniture can be designed as well. The minimalist model prefers to be chosen by people, because they like something practice, especially worker man. Those people prefer practice and minimalist furniture, because in apartment they only need to take a rest for a while, and then work again on the morning until evening. The design of house living with minimalist model already sold out in every side of big city. In capital city nowadays there are many buildings which deliberately designed for apartment. For inside of apartment it consists from some simple furniture and simple design of interior too. There is a space on outside too which is like a terrace or balcony which accommodate people to look outside. The wall design also simple, where it only consists from wall painting that added by plate’s display which adhere on wall itself.

Apartment Design inside Condition

The apartment is a small room which arranged with other room, so in one big building can consist from some rooms or many rooms. Some of rooms divided into some categories which according to large of room. With the minimalist theme, some of people prefer to choose medium room, so there are consist from one or two bedroom with other rooms too. Modern apartment design with minimalist architecture always designed as well by people in order to get best space to do their activities in there, beside they work in office. The inside condition of this kind of apartment is simple. Where there are some simple sets of properties that exist in every room.

First is entryway which likes a small pathway. Then, after that entryway, there is one set of table and chairs like dining sets. After that, there are some doors which accommodate people to move from one room to another room. On one side there is kitchen with simple kitchen sets. It only consists from minimalist cabinets, cupboard, and cooking table. There is also big cabinet on other side to save many breakable things like glass, plates, and etc. The floor of kitchen designed with unique motives of tiles, and only in kitchen. There is also table with marble board. Kitchen itself also has access toward outside space, where there is a door that connects to that place. The bedroom also minimalist with single bed, and a bathroom on the one side. There is a reading room too which exist near of family room. Both of rooms have simple design with only completed by some minimalist furniture.

Apartment Design Ornament

Actually, even it is minimalist; people still can add ornament on ceiling or on wall. There are many examples of apartment which has ornament on its ceiling. It usually formed from gypsum. Almost in every room, people can design with that kind of ornament. Apartment design interior is needed, even it just minimalist type of apartment, people should find a comfortable condition too for inside of their living house.

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