Mesmerizing Inspiration of Minimalist Residence from Turin, Italy

Minimalist Residence Bathrom Decor Using White Sink And Small Round Chair With Wooden Legs

It must be exciting to have a minimalist residence to spend your time after exhausting days on work. The minimalist home design itself has been popular for its simple and easy design which provides an easy living as well. This could be a reasonable choice for those who want peaceful and comfortable life without needing to get themselves in trouble of preparing too much stuff for the design.

Talking about minimalist design concept, this one is actually included in contemporary concept. This concept is pretty much influenced by modern idea which represents on the stark and sharp impression on the interior design. The careful color picking also makes the interior design is simple yet gorgeous. And if you think you need some minimalist residence references, maybe you can take your time to take a look on this stunning home design from Turin, Italy.

Located in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy in an area of 3,230 sqm, this house is a perfect example of minimalist home design which ends up as not only simple but also luxurious and glamorous as well. The interior is dominated with the black and white color which create sharp image to the whole figure. The use of glass walls surrounds is a great idea not only to create spacious effect to the interior, but also to provide the owner with beautiful view of the city from the height.

Adopting minimalist design concept, everything inside this house is carefully planned to be simple, compact and functional. Each room is separated to each other with practical sliding doors to save space. The master bedroom is also beautifully designed with the touch of brown and beige colors to make it looks less cold. The dark yellow colored blurred glass that used to separate the bedroom with the bathroom inside is adding the colors on this area. Well, are these minimalist residence design inspirations inspires you enough?

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