Mesmerizing Ideas for Minimalist Interior Design

White Interior With Black Accent And White Armchairs Plus Pouff Table

Who doesn’t love minimalist interior design? Firstly booming on the early 2000s, this design concept has been very popular ever since. The sleek and sharp impression has been being the main attraction of this design concept; making it way different with its ancestor; classic concept. And even years after the first booming, this design concept seems to be way far from being obsolete.

Using minimalist concept is more than just follow the trend. More than that, it also gives you chance to optimize the available space that you got and avoiding any inch of the space to go to waste. If you have such small space, it would be a great idea to use this concept. And even if you have not, the concept is still a tempting idea to try. And in case you need some minimalist interior design ideas, maybe you can steal some from this home design located in Hillsborough, California.

The house is titled as Hillsborough Residence and designed by Mak Studio. Adopting minimalist concept, this house already looks stunning even from the outside. The building has typical cubical shape with the touch of transparent glass wrap up the building. It gives the full view to the inside of the house as well as radiates the lights from the interior to the outdoor area around. With this kind of structure, this two-floor house looks simple yet gorgeous.
The inside of the house looks pretty much the same as the exterior. White colour is dominating the interior and makes the house feels tidy and clean. The room layout is set to be simple yet airy with beautiful furniture arrangement. The use of frameless glass wall on some areas gives the connection between the room and the nature surrounding. In short, those designs are the perfect minimalist interior inspirations for those who want to build a minimalist residence.

Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen With Light Brown Dark Grey And White Wall Decor Completed With Wood Flooring

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Elegant Interior With Minimalist Living Room Using White Modern Sofa And Black Coffee Table Plus Wooden Shelves

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