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A Russian architect has designed a unique home design and names it as the Chair House. It is located in a high land that must be reached with the iron staircase. The architect designed it as a modern home with neutral tones and minimalist design as we can see it straight from the facade. It is only a cube shape with large glass windows and doors, so we can clearly see the interiors from the outside. In the outside, there is an outdoor dining set consists of a square table and four net chairs in all white.

Unique Home Design: the Living Space

The living room in unique home design idea looks very cozy with its blue sofas and grey plaid walls which create cool and funky design. Everyone must be impressed by the unique pendant lamp of a piece of six oval lampshades. The occupants want to give a different arrangement of the big screen TV by putting it on the floor, while other people usually put it hung on the walls or on the drawers. The slight dark grey rug still gives enough warm to the entire spaces.

Unique Home Design: the Master Bedroom

There are two adorable couches in the master bedroom placed in the corner. Their tufted form such invite everyone to feel their coziness to have chat or reading books under the funky floor lamp. Their mattress is not placed in a bed, but they just put it on a platform which is like a Japanese bed style. In the way to give opened access to the master bathroom, there is only frosted glass behind the bed to cover the concrete bathtub and sink and also the toilet bowl.

Looking at the minimalist and masculine interior of the house, we may take an assumption that it is a man’s house. There are no ornaments to decorate it which cause cold but funky result. The only color inside is only the blue sofas and the warm nuance comes from the wooden dining chairs and kitchen furniture. The combination of wooden floors and concrete walls has made the masculine unique home design idea looks impressive and inviting.

Wooden Dining Set Dark Ceramic Wall Living Room

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Chair House By  Igor Sirotov Architect Concrete House

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