Luxury Beautiful Resorts with Amazing View Presented

Outdoor Living On Wooden Deck With White Sofas Coffee Tables And Ottomans

Have you heard about luxury beautiful resorts located in South Ari Atoll, the Maldives? Constance Moofushi Maldives will be the right place where you find your complete retreat with a lot of cozy terraces, balconies and lounge areas with amazing view. It is with crystalline waters, rich of vegetation and pure white sand. What a complete scenery for a vacation resort, isn’t it?

These luxurious beach resorts are long deck or pathway extension from the natural green island. It is rich of relaxing space completed with cozy furniture. Outdoor living on wooden deck with white sofas, coffee tables and ottomans, outdoor dining with wooden dining table and traditional chairs, some chaises on the white sand area or won the wooden deck, and hanging day bed above the sand are all amazing. Spending an hour there will seem to be a minute. Am I right?

This resort is also completed with some traditional wooden huts which are equipped with bedroom and living where you can find your best experience of relaxation and resting. Short white bed, make-up space nearby, wooden bench addition, and bathroom with surprising outdoor tub complete this hut. The living is outside the hut with chaises and hanging day bed. The huts are supported by some pillars above the beach and connected each other by wooden bridge or pathway. With some decorative lamps installed on the pathway, at night, this retreat looks really amazing.

You must also question whether this resort is with cafe and restaurant or not. To give a complete service, luxurious cafe is built in open design style. It is completed with indoor and outdoor lounge. Wood and green dominates this restaurant and are showcased by some accent lights. Romantic lights are also installed here for warmer atmosphere. With all of these facilities, this Maldives vacation retreat is one of the most luxurious beach resorts in the world.

Relaxing Wooden Deck With Outdoor White Sofa With Purple Cushion For Luxurious Resort Lounge

Amazing South Ari Atol Landscape With Crystalline Water For Most Luxurious Beach Resorts

Luxurious Beach Resorts With Long Deck Or Pathway Extension From The Natural Green Island

Superb Bathroom Hut Without Roof Using Wooden Wall And Supported White Bathtub

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