Luxurious Villa Indigo with Green Surroundings

Unique Villa Indigo Design Lacquered Wooden Floor White Ceiling Ideas

As one of the best home living, there is a modern Villa Indigo that is located in the best location. That location is very nice because the location that is used to build that villa is also equipped with the green surrounding. From the outside, the house is also equipped with the fence. The fence is also very interesting because the fence of the exterior design of house is also made from the wooden material.

Villa Indigo with Green Surroundings

From the outside, that house looks large because of the architecture and the design of the house is very interesting. Inside the fence, there is seen an awesome architecture. The walling unit of that house was made from the wooden material. That Villa is located in Bali. Therefore it is undoubtedly anymore that the Villa Indigo Bali is also equipped with the large yard. The yard that is located on the front area of the house is also finished with the existence of the several trees.

The existence of the trees on the yard is very useful to enhance the fresh air of that house. There is also a very interesting and comfortable swimming pool. In the inside of the house, there is a very interesting interior design. It uses the wooden material to build the flooring. It makes the feet feel more comfortable. Besides that, the interior of that house is spacious interior design.

Villa Indigo; Lighting Unit

The lighting unit and the furniture in that house are very interesting. The lighting unit of that house, it is very interesting because the ceiling of the living room of house looks more elegant because of the existence of the modern furniture. That living room looks a lot more interesting because of the decorating ideas that have been applied in that living room. The Villa Casa Indigo Bali looks better to be applied in that house.

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