Luminous 120 sqm Apartment with Green and Wooden Touch

Amazing Illuminating Nuance Of The Proper Lighting Looks Much Refreshing Combined With Green Accent

The limited space like 120 sqm apartment will be an enough space to apply the luminous interior design. This application has been proven by M2 Design Studio in designing an interior of an apartment which is located in Varna, Bulgaria. The result of this project is wonderful. The fresh and natural interior design is presented since you come to the apartment entrance. Illuminating nuance of the proper lighting looks much refreshing combined with green accent. The welcoming green door of the toilet will be the first sight when you enter the suite. This nice view is the enriched by the golden woods parquet which is varnished in the bright finishing. You will also notice the artistic sink vanity with round mirror which looks very elegant though beautiful.

Furthermore, the entrance will also give you with pleasing wall decoration. The brown dotted wall in tribal style looks very practical applied in the wall. The contrastive decoration of green decoration shelf has enriched the looks of 120 sqm house design. The combination of these design look more glorious with the pendant lamp. The bright color which is given by the lamp strengthens the brightness of this entrance area.

Walking through the apartment hall, the combination of wall with the unique wooden layers is very artistic decorating the interior. In the opposite of the wooden wall, the large mirror is placed. It can make a visual trick as if the hall is larger than its actual space. The green doors which can be found at the end of this hall give the fresh accent as they can reflect the bright light of the ceiling lamps.

Although the space of this apartment is not large enough, the decoration which is applied is really effective to improve the expansion of this well-decorated apartment. The 120 sqm house floor plan has been maximized resulting on the enough area which can support a livable area for a small family.

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