Light Wooden Contemporary Home Brings Light and Beautiful Appearance

Flat Roof Natural Lighting Wooden Contemporary House Design Idea At Night

In 2012, there was a big project of constructing a wooden contemporary home in Weinfelden, Switzerland. Its unique exterior of all wooden walls makes it as an eye-catching residence with minimalist architectural design. The cube and sharp edges become the strongest landscape which describes its strong structures. The wooden walls are collaborated with steel of the railings in the second and third floor to optimize the safety.

The Dining and Living Spaces at Wooden Contemporary Home

The sliding glass door brings you to pass the back porch and enter the dining space inside the wooden contemporary house idea. Three white dining chairs with black cushions, a square wooden dining table, and a floating black sofa are the dining set which looks like a situation in a family restaurant. The wide glass windows beside them bring in much lighting and as well as the overview of Weinfelden. The dining space and living space are divided by a modern fireplace with a black cylinder chimney to exhale the smoke.

Wooden Contemporary Home: the Hall and Master Bedroom

In the narrow hall behind the living space, there is a way that guides you to the wooden staircase to access the second floor. However, before stepping the stairs, a walk-in closet is built near the stair to storage the coats and jackets. Going upstairs, there is a master bedroom with neutral wood ceilings, bead board, floors, and bed. The floating bed becomes the center focus because there is no much furniture except a built-in shelf over the bed and a floor lamp.

The use of neutral tones and materials make this residence light and simple. Those are the impressive points which are not only spending less budget, but also create clean and tidy appearance. This is the popular concept almost everyone looks for to design their private living places. The whole furniture, material, and design in the light wooden contemporary house idea are chosen in good details and choice that result a simple but pretty home.

Glass Windows Black Railings Wooden Contemporary House Idea

EFH Tinner Weinfelden

Green Grass Black Railings Flat Roof Wooden Contemporary House Design

Modern Fireplace Black Cylinder Chimney White Wall Wooden Ceiling White Sofa

Pavement Green Spruce Wooden Contemporary House Design Idea

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EFH Tinner Weinfelden
EFH Tinner Weinfelden
EFH Tinner Weinfelden
EFH Tinner Weinfelden


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