Lavish Countryside Residence in Old-Age Ambience

Modern Farm House Design In Austria

Some people use eco-friendly material as their attention to natural resources while another is prefer to build home exterior which has harmonized with its surrounding atmosphere such as this countryside residence. Designed by Looping Architecture located in Burgenland, Austria, this building is assuring that people arrange proper concept for good looking and functional design which reflect the natural aspect.

Unusual Countryside Residence Choice

Let’s take a look of natural attached residence in countryside environment. This wild countryside residence is built differ from another building at this location. Bright color comes from red roof and bravely chosen of home’s furniture are dominated idea of this residence. As traditional room in modern touch, this residence still has chimney at the roof although glass material is installed surrounding the facade area. Clean line and sharp corner are being iconic style from this place with mini garden with sand area. Well, instead of using grass, this building intends to use sand area for enhancing natural capacity.

Sliding glass door with old wooden frame is installed along the room while cement flooring in plaid style is installed for outdoor area. Window installation is actually a kind of bay window where people can sit down at its edge. There is stair without stair handle at the room center then live green gradation couch matched with small red footrest for enjoying meal or even doing favorite activity such as reading some of book collections. The old wooden ceiling is left without ceiling at terrace area while traditional stove is put at kitchen space.

Countryside Residence Lighting

Instead of using soft yellow lighting, this residence is choosing bright beam from simple LED lighting than the chandelier or pendant lamp. Back to terrace area, there is wood lodge posit at the room corner dealing with wooden bench as desk and chair to enhance right impression of contemporary wild countryside residence which must be unique for some people.

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