Large Contemporary Residence for Big Family House Living

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The big family always needs big space of room and more amount of furniture, and then contemporary residence presented to give those kind of demanded. The modern home which become part of modern life always applied by people in any kinds of aspect, including for their house living. With member of family more than three people, the big space is needed and to support their daily life activity. Besides that, the owner deliberately design big home for their other families or guests who visit owner’s home and want to stay overnight for some days. The big design of that kind of home can be seen from outside performance. The main building is long, where it looks like a big rectangle which lengthwise from one side to other side. Then, there are some outside spots, also semi outside spots which exist in some parts of home. With the natural nuance around of home, people can see outside from inside of home, because there are exist many glass windows which adhere on every side of home wall.

Contemporary Residence Architecture

The main design or architecture of this home is very large, and can consist from some rooms. There do also exist many amounts of furniture to accommodate many people who stay there. Contemporary residence model deliberately chosen by people, because it easy to be designed into any kinds of size and the point of modern model is suitable for any kinds of nuance. With natural environment around of land which are grass land and beach panorama on other side become some plus points from that home. There are exterior with wood component which designed on two side of building. The wood itself seems like a cover for main building. The main building also designed gradually, with there is cement ladder that exist on front of home. The stones space can accommodate many cars or other vehicles on front of home. There is wood fence which only surround a half of building, not a whole of home. The unique one is space which become a room for bedroom exist on very outside of building, separated from other room, but still in one building.

For inside of home, as like usual consist from some rooms. The living room has outside panorama on both of sides. Sofas, table, chairs, and completed by good design of wall can be found in that room. The wood ceiling also becomes part for inside of home. Many chairs with long table also complete the dining room which unity with kitchen. There is semi outdoor dining room too on one side of home, where it is directly connected toward outside nuance. In that room also has wines arrangement which can be a room decoration. The bedroom has beach landscape, because there is glass window which become main windows. The bathroom also likes that, where people can take a bath with seeing beach around. There is one spot outside which become sundeck spot.

Contemporary Residence Materials

The materials for this kind of home is various, where there are some combinations of components. The wood component always becomes main and important material for home itself. The wood can be exterior and interior for home. The combination with steel and marbles or ceramics also can be good alternative for home design itself. Contemporary residence interior is very great with existence some combinations of materials, which can be seen in some rooms, where furniture and structure of room have different materials.

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