Intense River Home Construction Idea

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Some people do think it will be a difficult task to renovate a home that ever been damaged in flood such as river home at Brisbane, Australia. But, somehow Shaun Locker Architects can do it and transform this home into new construction. By designing proper exterior combined with simple interior design, this home comes again as a kind of functional and stylish building.

River Home Interior Options

Take a look at some design ideas of this river home right now. From the façade, you will never know that this contemporary river home had affected by flooding. Green grass area and pine trees naturally decorated this home’s front yard. The main building has two floors up with the bigger structure in the second floor. Installed glass material is surrounding the second floor façade while the first floor is mainly used as garage. Wooden interior are dominated the second floor with wooden window frame, wooden ceiling, and even wooden flooring.

The interior items are being in simple shape and natural impression. Dining chair and a set of broken white arm chair are dealing with glass window area so people can enjoy their meal or their conversation while enjoy the scenery. Moreover, the ceiling in this area is designed as triangle ceiling in laminating white material. Between this area and another living room area, there are multiple sliding doors as room separator. In its advantage, these sliding doors can be push and hold as the owner need.

River Home Idea

However, bar area is decorated in more classic concept with bright marble kitchen island, overhead storage, rectangular sink, and high-end kitchen appliances. Besides the kitchen area, there is meeting point for family or partner with dark leather sofa and glass table but the first area mentioned before with installed big window is always becoming favorite spot at contemporary river home construction to talk and enjoy conversation with friend and family.

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