Intense Extension Project for Growing Family

Black Staircase Glass Windows Brick Wall Black Home Design

Growing family commonly needs bigger home stay to live in, that’s become the main reason why extension project is being popular. One of these kinds of project is created by NatureHumaine which renovating home located in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, Montreal, Canada. Added part is including private space area such as bathroom and bedroom for family’s member.

New Extension Project

Let see how this project bring new building’s dimension to particular big family. Mostly, modern extension project is applied at front side of a home, but sometimes it also build at the back side. It actually depends on the larger venue which possible to build. In this Canada house’s case, the back yard is eliminated for renovation project. Instead of using neutral and soft color, the architect is used combination of natural color which is white palette and orange shade for the combination. Along with orange, dark yellow is also applied as the home’s detail.

Let’s see the first renovation part which is staircase. Orange staircase with bubble accent and geometric lines matched with dark yellow stepping floor to access the second floor. As the layout, there is white background for enhancing wider impression of the hallway which installing big window with dark wooden frame. Also, there is small office site with multiple open layers installed on the white wall. Orange table attached on the wall, orange hidden storage, and beech laminating wooden flooring is gaining perfect blending.

Private Area Extension Project

Eventually, zebra stripes marble flooring and wallpaper area installed for decorated bathroom idea including sunken bathtub. Besides bathtub, there is monochrome standing shower with glass case and white plaid marble tile sink outside the shower area. All design is inspired by modern technique and functional used. You will not find storages located around the room or even built-in the wall instead of simple ones at colorful modern extension project which will be good solution for big family’s problem.

Glass Window Wooden Flooring Green Grass Area Black Home Design

Orange Staircase White Ceiling Wooden Staircase

Orange Staircase White Wall Orange Wall Staircase High Ceiling Sliding Glass Door

Orange Staircase Wooden Staircase White Wall High Ceiling

White Drawers Small Mirror Zebra Stripes Marble Flooring White Closet

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