Inspirational and Unique House by the Forest: a Masterpiece of Architecture Design

Wooden Flooring Terrace Minimalist House Ideas In Japan

This unique house project is located on Osaka, Japan, designed by Fujiwarramuro Architect. As the user’s unique request, the building is designed to be a massive figure by the road with no window, literally as it is. The user himself has a tendency to live with interaction with nature, thus choosing site which is nearby the forest, and integrated this feature as basic orientation of the building. Another additional request, is preference of limit interaction with public road, thus the appearance of the building, pure massive block with no opening. From outsiders view, this is secluded orientation, and at the same time, it is create the big opening on the other side to exploit the large view of the forest as focal point. It is unique indeed.

As client’s preference is different, and in several case, the need is more than a mere aesthetic living space, therefore, design should come with a novelty feature, not only provides the space. Thus unique house designs are the only solution, and can be modified by construction element, materials, integrated system, and other features to meet the condition as the client wanted. In this case, exploiting the building to have nature orientation is the consequence. While the building itself is created to match this condition, technical works is done well integrated, the spacious opening and living room is designed cleverly so the forest can be reached visually from its location, entrance is build narrow, while the rear rooms widely constructed, a rare case indeed. Living room and kitchen is covered in wood texture adding the natural touch.

Various unique homes around the world have it unique circumstance influence the design to flexibly modified accordingly. All of these enrich the architecture field, and can be concluded that architecture is flexible.

Some of cases don’t require a drastic change of appearance as this case, but comes with subtle yet unique idea, such as creating the building structure from bottle, and other kind of things. Although this is example of architecture field that prioritize the eco-friendly materials, and known as green architecture or eco architecture. But you can modify the interiors of your home only, thus yours can be a unique house, such as designing your bedroom as swing, or built the interiors from various unusual object like bottles and crates. Such a nice idea, don’t you think so?

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