InForm Design Presents a Private Residence in Australia

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InForm Design, a famous house designer and architect, has been building a private residence which takes place in Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia. Actually, this is a single level house which is designed very nicely under modern and futuristic architecture. This house is not only just a building for living but this house can be a perfect house for a long holiday season.

Blairgowrie house has spacious exterior and interior. Both exterior and interior of this house are developed with assorted materials, such as wood, concrete, metal, and glass. The whole materials are employed in a perfect balance. For your information, outside the house we can find a large and fresh swimming pool compiled with spacious concrete terrace. To separate between the terrace and the main building there is a glass-screen fence installed. Beside the terrace, there is a small spot used as a patio which is equipped with wood flooring and wooden bench. Above the patio the architect installs large skylight ceiling which enables the sunlight to come inside.

This private residence designed by InForm Design and Pleysier Perkins is equipped with spacious interior with modern design. The interior consists of several rooms. The main room which consists of living room, kitchen, and dining room takes the same place without any barrier. Meanwhile, the bedroom and the bathroom are separated with concrete wall and small path. The comfortable living room developed inside the Blairgowrie house is designed under futuristic architecture. To support the function, there is a small fireplace installed right beside the sofas. Still in the same room, there is a minimalist kitchen featuring small dining table set. Black and white color schemes employed in the kitchen create modern kitchen design. A residence which is designed by InForm Design employs large glass panels on each side of the house. Besides, some large sliding glass doors are also installed to support balanced design and architecture. Beautiful landscape outside the house also gives natural and hybrid concept to the house which is located near the national park of Victoria.

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