Incredible Modern House Design in Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia

Historic Victorian House Renovation Modern House Decoration

I think this modern house design is one of the few unique modern house designs that have ever created. This extraordinary modern house design is the result from a renovation project from classic Victorian house. Creating modern house design is not an easy job to do, but this outstanding modern house design is even more difficult to create, but still the design can coming with the best result. I think there are only few people in the world that can create such this creative idea to redecorate the old Victorian house into perfect modern house design and that is what makes this stunning modern house design is so valuable.

Incredible Modern House Design; the Project

This incredible modern house design is located in Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia. This wonderful modern house design lies on a Victorian neighborhood and the designer has to create extension program that don’t contradict with surrounding design environment. Amazingly, the designer able to create this beautiful modern house design and I think it might be one of the best redecoration or extension program that has ever create. It mostly created by using combination of wooden, steel and glass material and now this old Victorian house looks so modern and beautiful. I think this renovation can be such a great example for anybody who wants to do redecoration project on their house.

Incredible Modern House Design; Interior Redecoration

When you enter this house, you won’t see any Victorian design anymore. All of the inside part is now decorated by using modern interior design style with a lot of wooden material that combines with modern minimalist furniture selection. I personally love the creative interior design and if you see this beauty by yourself, I believe that you will agree with me.

That was little discussion of a great renovation project that done by the owner of the old Victorian house design in Australia. Incredible modern house design can come from anything and this house is the evidence that it can even come from Victorian house renovation program.

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