Impressive Retreat Living Place with Industrial Architectural Exterior

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The pine forest in Murcia, Spain surrounds a retreat living place which offers a totally quiet and peaceful life. The hill location and thick pine trees make this house a kind of hidden house and nobody will expect that it is a modern and luxurious living place. Its unique design with sleek materials in the exterior in sky blue and underground garden give an impressive architectural design and attract us to explore more the interior.

Retreat Living Place: the Natural Elements

Several natural materials are chosen to create an eco-friendly concept in the retreat living place idea. We can see from the stones and woods in mostly building, such as the fence, walls, and floors. The asymmetric pattern in the flat roof is continued to the ceilings which result modern and stylish concept. Unlike the exterior with plain design and material, the interior is designed more beautiful and attractive with marble tiles, brick walls, and glass windows.

Retreat Living Place: the Cozy Interior

The living space seems as the coziest spot inside. The mixture of wooden floors and marble tiles affect a warm nuance to support the brick walls and asymmetric ceilings. If we usually install windows in the same arrangements, this house has a unique idea to install small windows in different level. This is not a bad idea; moreover it gives another perspective to offer different view level. Leather upholstery is chosen for the seating set features a black lounge chair and two brown sofas.

When we see it at the first sight, we will not recognize is as a residence, even it looks like a factory. The flat exterior affects a view of industrial architecture rather than a living place which usually has inviting and eye-catching design. You can find the real design after entering the house and see its smart and unique plan. The infinity pool in the roof and basement garage in an impressive retreat living place idea give more exotic, but genius design.

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