House Design Style with Beautiful Outside View

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This is house design style which is designed by Klopf Architecture. This project is called Eichler. This house will be showed by some pictures. There are interior and exterior pictures. So, you can get the reference from interior and exterior designs from this house. It is very useful for increasing your house plan and your house remodel. This is comfortable house which doesn’t need large space. It can be built in affordable idea.

See, these are the pictures of that project. It is one of simple home design style types. The house is designed in one level. It is built around the big trees. They are beautiful trees because they have beautiful leafs. It gives beautiful outside view. You see, the building is designed with oak wall and glass windows. Next to that building is the garage with grey garage door. In front of the garage is large paved road driveway. It is very good place for you who have the car.

See inside the house then. In front of the door is black floor and oak flooring. Next to the black floor is the indoor garden. There are some plants on that garden. In the other side, this garden is covered by the glass wall, so you can enjoy that garden view. See, there is white cupboard. This cupboard has many drawers in different sizes. On the white countertop, there is white orchid on the black pot. Next to the flower is a book.

See the bathroom after this. You can see the simple bathroom here. There are not many furniture designs in this room. But this bathroom seems nice. The white sink adheres on the wall. Above it is the mirror. Next to them is the shower room. This shower room is covered by glass wall like the usual shower room design. Actually, this is nice bathroom of simple house design styles which use minimalize space.

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