Home Design Ideas Appearance in the Romantic Hill

Beautiful Nigh Facade Of Lounge Space With Three Legs Coffee Chairs And Warm Lighting

How to build home design ideas in beautiful appearance? Making a home with many kinds ideas is so usual, but making home to the special place as beautiful as hill is quite hard. The design of the home should balance with beautiful hill. The hill has many standing trees, so the home must be built in high place or some floors in order to the owner can enjoy the best scenery view from the mount. Here, there is a house as a private residence which is designed by K Studio. The performance of the house will be showed by pictures here. They are a home design with romantic scenery view.

This home is kind of home design ideas 2013. Home is standing in the centre of the hill with the high level. So, it needs a stair and road to go to the house because this house in the high place. The wall is made by brick which is covered by cement and basalt in gray color. The big wall is standing as the protection for the home. In the rooftop, there is infinity swimming pool with large size. The water on the swimming pool is so blue and fresh. Next to swimming pool, some chairs are standing beautifully. It is used for the owner who wants to feel sunburn. Near the swimming pool is lounge in the large room, so the owner can enjoy the sunset in this room. The lounge uses unique furniture design with wooden material. Wooden material can be found also as the floor in that room. The edge of the lounge is transparent glaze. There is no obstacle the owner to enjoy the romantic scenery view by sitting on the lounge.

The dining room is designed with simple model. The chairs are simple model with white color. And, the oval table with white color is placed in centre of the chairs. The wall of the dining room is like the wall in front of the house, the brick which covered by cement and basalt. Then, living room is located near the window which can be opened. The soft sofa in white is located in the centre of the room facing the window. The floor in this living room is wooden floor.

Most of all the pictures here show the best place to enjoy romantic scenery view of mount in the sunrise or sunset. Orange, pink and violet colors are cheering up the atmosphere in that house. If you like the concept of this home, you can make it as home design plans in your future home with your family.

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