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Nowadays, many kinds of home decoration models which have special place in people’s heart. Setting of decorating in each home influence the atmosphere and sensation how the home will be. Some kinds of decoration suitable with the theme of that building, such as romantic, traditional, classic, modern, minimalist and etc. One of them that have special performance in the lifestyle of the people currently is modern decoration. This decoration style shows elegant appearance of the home which sometime gets natural ideas touching from green plant. The home which has modern decoration as idea to design is a flip flop house by Dan Brunn. Here, he shows the best decoration style with attractive design ideas through some pictures.

You can see the pictures from that house here. Attractive home decor types bring cozy atmosphere in the home. The home consists of three floors. In each floor has special room. Basically, the home uses white theme for decorating. The flat floor and the wall around the house are colored by white color. Transparent glazed as the fence around the large balcony and become a wall in each floor which is located near balcony. So, the owner can enjoy the view from inside home or in the balcony. Certainly, the sunshine comes enter the rooms through the transparent glazed. Then, the lighting system is so unique. There are some long lamp and circle lamps around the balcony. When the long lamp is turned off, the small circle lamps will be light like stars in the sky.

Inside the home, the lounge is located near the transparent glazed. Behind the lounge, there is a bedroom. The large door in the bedroom can be open, so the owner can enjoy natural scenery of palm trees in the bed. In the first floor, there is a small garden with lovely colorful flower and green grass. Let’s come to center of the home, there is a dining room, but decorating ideas of this room is extremely awesome. So, this room can be used for meeting also. The bathroom is designed with simple decorating, but still used modern interior styles. The bathtub appears with elegant shape in white. Next to bathtub there is a long wooden chair. Then, living room performance is so attractive with long sofa and cushions. Two tables with modern style appear in front of the sofa.

In whole home, the performance is so attractive. The white color will make the home get elegant and the modern interior design will make the home get attractive performance. This is home design style special for new lifestyle.

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