Home Architecture Model Cement and Basalt Styles

Beautiful Mount View In What Is Awesome Home Architecture Model Design With Cement Wall And Flat Roof Also Green Trees With Green Grass And Best Architecture For Home

What the best style for home architecture model in the hill? The best architecture for home which is located in hill is combination between dark and cheerful colors. The dark color come brick with cement and basalt. The brick is just covered by cement and basalt. There is no color to cheers up the brick. We will give you a home that has the performance with cement and basalt for the wall. It is House Cast in Liquid Stone, is designed by Indian architectural firm, SPASM Design Architects. This home is so wonderful with mount view.

Let’s see the pictures here. There are some pictures of that home. The pictures are taken from some parts of home. The first one is a whole of home. The home is built around the mountain with some trees are standing next to it. The land around the house is not too fertile, so the grass can’t grow as well. The home has flat roof. In the rooftop, there is a swimming pool with some chairs at there. So, the owner can enjoy mount view when they are swimming. If the owner doesn’t like swim, there are some chairs which can be used as an alternative. Architecture design model of the swimming pool is kind of infinity swimming pool with medium size. The floor is designed by cement and basalt in gray color like the wall at there.

There is a pretty pendulum with long bed model. This bed can be used for relaxing mind with sleeping on the bed. Next to pendulum is a tree with medium size. In the tree location, there is open roof, so the sun can shine to the tree directly. Stair is built beside the wall with black color. The special one is the rainfall of the flat roof near the tree which is very romantic. So, there are some rooms which accept coloring expression. Appearance of cement and basalt with cheerful interior design cheers up the room. Long red chair with cute cushions, a modern chair in brown and black colors, a set of classic chairs and table, and a nice carpet appears in under the cement and basalt roof without wall in the right and left side. The appearance of the color interior design is also coming in bedroom. There is a red bed with flower pattern pillows. And, the bathroom uses cement and basalt in gray as wall and also small space for white wall for mirror place.

The bathroom, bedroom, living room and swimming pool have great performance. The cement and basalt wall and roof with colorful interior design model can create great architecture for living in the hill.

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