Green Contemporary Home with Open Model

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Open model become one of alternative theme for contemporary home which spread in around of society. Some people prefer to chose contemporary design with green natural combination on outside. The home designed with more open space, even on outside or inside which separated with glass doors or glass windows. There are some spaces which deliberately provided for enjoying natural environment around of home. Balcony and terrace exist as some parts of this home. The green element from natural environment existed in Green Park. Then, it also accommodates people to spend their free time after works in a whole day. For inside of home look contemporary, where there is some furniture which has classic design and it is completed by modern stuffs too. The facilities also exist as main important part from this home such as swimming pool, Green Park, balcony, and etc. The rooms inside of home also completed by modern complements such as in bathroom and kitchen room.

Green model already become a famous model of home. Natural contemporary home become one of alternative from home building model. Actually, there are still some home models which can be adopted by people. Then, this model also prominent or tend on natural space, where people can enjoy those nuance from inside or outside of room. The inside room designed with glass windows, so it accommodate people to see outside, and enjoy natural condition.

Natural environment become a favorite theme nowadays. Inside of room sometimes also completed by some green plants which located on pots. There are some rooms which direct to the outside space, so people can directly access from inside to outside space, such as in bedroom. Some rooms like living room, dining room, kitchen room, bathroom, or even bedroom already designed with contemporary model, where main room sometimes have classic sense, and furniture is modern.

Contemporary model usually suitable mixed with other model. Actually, there are some models which can be designed together with contemporary model. In this case, natural environment become a good combination which make home can has fresh condition. Contemporary home design also should be prepared as well by people, in order to get best condition.

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