Great Stone House Design: Syros House, a Fortress of Summer Heat and Warm Stronghold of Winter Cold

Surrounding Lacdscaping Desert Mountain Of Stone House

Syros House, this project name, it is a stone house built on the steep hillside, with the Aegean Sea as the focal orientation, on Syros Island, Cyclades, Greece. This project designed by Myrto Milliou on 5000 square-foot land, a border of barren mountainside and a traditional green settlement. Utilizing masonry structure, and designed to be three-layered construction, a thick masonry on the first exterior layer (16 inches), an insulation on middle layer, and brick wall on the last. All these layers turn the house to a great fortress, keeping it warm in winter and cold in summer.

Its massive appearance is based on surrounding existing terrain, a barren land of mountainside. Excavated from surrounding sources, slate and marble stones are used to be main material of this stone house construction. While it’s a massive block and rugged from the outside, it’s gradually changes until comes to the inside, it’s coated and furnished smoothly. It’s constructed with three level of stacked floor, and each floor has the exit to outdoor space. Three guest room on the ground, suite room in middle, kitchen, living room and others on the last top floor. The design portrays context of the place perfectly, a nice approach to create the building as the place’s local character. Inside, the interiors portray an atmosphere of common interior house in the desert, yet the design covers it beautifully. Exposed wooden ceiling, brick, parquets, tiles and concrete, furniture, artificial lighting and direct lighting , each plays the role of interior elements. A jewel of the desert.

The building is a manifestation of local character, built on context: every place has its local context that should be a great aspect of design. Not to mention its ecological value, using a roof garden to suppress the heat gain, and collecting rainwater for household purpose. This stone house of Syros House, is a great example of post modernism architectural style.

Masonry structure is commonly used to build homes on Desert Island. Various place with same trait, utilize this very same approach. As commonly known, one of advantages of the masonry structure is the capability to adapt the surrounding climate and preventing the ample heat in summer, and heat loss in winter. This has been applied in a long time, and all of old stone house, utilize this method.

Syros House Entry Level Design

Syros House Rustic Stone House In Greece

Syros House Section Layout

Traditional Air Ventilation Rustic Wall

Traditional Interior Vacation Stone House

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