Great Home Exterior in V Home Model

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This living house actually look adorable, where home exterior deliberately designed with V model. The outside looking can make people attract to design their own home, and want to visit those kind of home. Orange theme become a main color for outside part of home. The bricks arrangement already become one of main element which form those kind of home. Then, people also deliberately make a space for green park which surround almost a whole home building. The windows also unique, where there are consist from some abstract of windows. This home building also consist from two floors. The ground floor usually used for public room such as living room, dining room, kitchen room, and etc. The V form deliberately designed as a separate building of home. So, there are consist from two main home buildings, where one of it consist from V model.

Actually, people prefer to design exterior and interior of home. The exterior usually made to attract other people. Home exterior design always become a main part of home which should be existed as well. Then, some complements such as painting, home accessories outside make home look very well. Then, this home also has unique form, where on some sides deliberately designed with some corner shapes, where still rare for home design.

Then, inside part of home consist from some rooms and some stuffs. There are some rooms which usually used by people. Living room completed by furniture which have orange color that similar with main home painting color. Then, dining room and kitchen room also have similar painting design. The bedroom designed with comfortable condition, where there is a good bed. Next, the bathroom designed with complete bath’s equipment and complement such as bathtub, sink, faucets, and etc.

Interior and exterior are an important part from home design. People always put more attention on this part. Some people also design those kind of part with unique model. Some corner shapes sometimes complete home building. Home exterior concept which become a prominent in this home look very adorable, because it still rare for common house.

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