Great Black Exterior Design with A Perfect Wood Combination

Contemporary Look Of Wooden Roof And Brick Wall For House Interior

To combine your black exterior with simple wooden looks is a great idea to do. Black, besides white, is the most general color that naturally could blend very well with almost every tone in the world. As long as you get the combination and preposition, do not worry, you’ll get the best residence in your life. This 2 Corner House project shows you how to deal with it. Mark Elkan built this one in Sydney, Australia as a contemporary seaside dwelling. Let’s walk around the building.

From the first picture, you can say that this residence has only a limited space. Simple and so modest, but done in a contemporary design. The roof is flat, and the exterior walls are black. The black exterior paint makes this house looks stunning among the great natural circumstances around the house. Vertical wooden boards that was arranged together is being a simple garage. The walls behind are supported by horizontal wooden boards, combined with glass.

From the yard inside the house, you can see towards the ocean behind the building, because the transparent walls installation lets you to have it. As long as you spread your views, the only thing you can see from the building is its combination between the black and brown wood, also with the glass materials. In another corner of the house, you can see how the verandas of the house had been done. Brown wooden railings are supported by transparent glass body. The sliding doors have black frames with glass as the main supporter. Aren’t they great?

To less coldness and monotone, the designer put also some stones as decoration. Yes, those beige stones are covering up some area of the walls, and also making up their own wall in the yard. If you walk further outside the yard, you’ll see the fences of the house. Simple, created by some thin brown woods that are connected one to each other. Overall, the black exterior paint wood is done in perfect, and worth to try.

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astounding-contemporary-house-with-wooden-deck-balcony-and-glass-fences-with-sea panorama


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