Great Apartment Design, Mirrors Reflect the Beauty

Luxury Bedroom Design White Fur Rug Black Couch Black Curtain

Apartemento Leopoldo, one of great architectural apartment design, a beautiful work of Mauricio Karam Arquitetura, located on Sao Paolo, Brazil. A unique approach of architectural concept, which is commonly used, applied on this project and becomes a focal point of this apartment, a visual manipulation of creating spacious room, by using mirrors. This very concept is combined with elegant interiors thus the reflections add dramatic sense, beside the main purpose. The mirrors put on the wall, as the wall is invisible.

The wooden wall on the room, is exposed with purpose of reflection on the mirror, thus, visually bring the size of the room doubled. The illumination armaments on the ceiling, add the accentuation of dining table, glass chairs also parquets floor underneath, reflected on the mirror in the end: clever manipulation and simple yet artistic performance. Beside the dining room, the living room is separated visually by adding the rugs as base on the parquets, different wall texture that emphasized with adding the light behind the wall: the previous dining room’s wall is finished in grey, while the living utilize the wood texture as the wall. Interior objects applied in this room are white shelves and storages: combined with the chair, flat TV, modern standing drum pendant lamp covered on metal finishing. The rugs on the living room, spread to the adjacent space, bedroom, without the partition wall. This room has spotlight on its ceiling, same on the previous living room. The spotlight installed in here can be moved flexibly to illuminate certain areas on living room or on bedroom area. Gorgeous bed covered on grey, and followed by shelf and storage on the wall with the same grey color. A combination of wood texture and grey color is obviously shown, to match the interior objects and wall’s décor. All of this scenery visualized perfectly as they just like manipulation pictures from a rendered apartment interior design, despite the reality.

All of this apartment design by the architect has been brought to a real masterwork nicely, and combined flawlessly. The entire interior object is combined neatly, and then reflected by the mirrors panel as the wall, creating a magic of spacious and artistic apartment.

Applying the design, should be based on great concept. The concept itself can’t be essentially separated, leads the design to fit the technical work itself. Why don’t you imagine some of apartment design ideas to change your own?

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