Grand Dutch Studio for Family Treatment

Dutch Studio House Green Grass White Wall Wooden Window Frame

Studio usually suitable for single person or new couple without children but you will find another concept of studio by looking at Dutch studio designed by CKX Architects located in Helmed, the Netherlands. This studio even matched to call as house because it can be staying house for big family though.

Dutch Studio Elements

Look at some pictures of Dutch studio design. Natural elements are played at the façade of Dutch studio house by applying some flower plant, coral details surrounding rectangular pool and natural stone as a foot step to come into the main building. This home is simply bring box shapes structure in white palette domination while black wooden is becoming glass frame installed as double function door and window. Dealing with grass area, there is wooden deck with set of rattan armchair and long wooden table for family meeting or for perfect place to enjoying the meal at morning.

Glass door and window mentioned before is installed attempt to having open space room with good air circulation. Besides the sliding glass door and still as part of deck area, there is a couple of rattan couch with brown leather flat cushion as a nice spot to talk with another family members or only reading book at spare time. The bright side is coming from the use of bold color such as hot red door for accessing living room area.

Chic Dutch Studio

However, living room is designed in simple concept with broken white leather sofa, modern fireplace attached to dark stone wall, rattan basket, and dark glass coffee table putting beside the sofa. Dealing with broken white sofa, there is chili red sofa in L-shaped and indoor plant at the room corner. Hanging abstract painting in colorful brush is combined with high wooden dining desk and wheel leather chair in grey color as Dutch studio house features keeps room in simple décor but chic impression.

Dutch Studio House Laminated Wooden Floor Wooden Dining Table

Dutch Studio House Wide Garden White Wall Glass Sliding Door

Dutch Studio House Wide Garden White Wall Rattan Chairs

Great Dutch Studio House Wooden Table Set Hanging Lamp Ideas

Luxurious Dutch Studio House Red Sofa Marble Floor White Ceiling Design

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