Gorgeous Modern Residence Interior as One of Alternative Home Design

Futuristic Ladder White Wall Steel Wire Ladder Wooden Floor

The alternative model of home nowadays tries to use modern residence concept as one of option. The residence itself only consists from simple model. The reason because of people nowadays prefers to use practice thing in their life. Then, they also design almost a whole of room inside of their residence with something modern, but simple. The modern concept from each room can give a good impression, even it just simple, but most of furniture is organized as well. The people also just need to put some simple furniture, because modern life apply a simple and practice life. Then, for each of room including in second floor, it use wood component as main material for furniture and also floor or wall cover.

Modern Residence Construction

The construction for that kind of residence model is simple, where there is no such kind of complicated model on front, also inside of each room. Most of room has relative modern residence structure. The bedroom, bathroom, and even kitchen only designed simple with combination of wood component. The residence itself usually has two floors which connected with futuristic ladder. The ladder is combination from wood material with steel. The wood is for handle or grip and based of each step ladder, then for steel is for side protection on one side of ladder. The steel itself connected directly toward wood handle strongly.

Then, for second floor can be designed into simple kitchen, simple dining set, and also simple bathroom. The based floor of that room is hard wood which has beautiful color. Because the color is contrast with main theme of wall painting which is white, so brown color of wood look clearer. The furniture set in kitchen and dining room is stainless steel with combination of modern cabinet. The interior of kitchen set on wall or dining table also consist from steel component.

Modern Residence Interior

Actually, there is no such kind of special interior, where most of wall surface and furniture always completed by unique motives. For this kind of modern simple design, people only needed to concept simple interior, where most or almost all of room designed with a single neutral color, for example like white or beige. Modern residence model become one of alternative for practice people who live in this modern era, and have more busy hours outside.

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