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The one of home design nowadays is efficient home, where this home tends to friendly with natural environment. The natural environment become one of requirement in building this house, because of there is no such as more electrical energy for home. Especially for the lighting, people only utilize natural lights from outside which is sun light on the day. The construction of home itself also nice, because of some spaces deliberately opened to invite more lights and fresh air. This home consists from some floors with some rooms too. The rooms are very completed and designed as well according to planning. The furniture also unique with some forms which unusual. There is a bench without legs and adhere on wall. The ladder also looks good without any holding handle on the one side. Most of window and doors use glass component as main material.

Efficient Home Concept

Actually the concept of home can be understood from the name. Efficient ask people to design less energy inside of home and utilize natural energy. Efficient home design needs a good planning, because it is included on design on furniture too. Actually the common model of home itself is almost the same with other homes. It consists from three floors and has luxury sense in some rooms. The wall itself made from hard and thick marble. In each floor there is big ventilation exist on the side of window. Then, for inside of home there are some main rooms started from first floor. The first floor itself is usually used for living room, and also guest room.

Then, for bedroom and also bathroom, there is a space too to invite lights from the outside. The boundary between inside and outside room can be consist from some materials and also models. There is glass component which become window or door, then there is also big layer wood which designed into unique form of motive, where there are some holes which put on that wood layer, so it can invite more lights from outside.

Alternative Efficient Home

This home design can be one of alternative in modern era to become a friendly home toward natural condition. With this kind of home design, people can save energy and tend to utilize natural environment. The point in this matter is about electrical using, where many people nowadays sometimes losing much energy in their daily life. The outside appearance from this kind of model is not really bright at night, because it only provided by small lamps inside and outside of home. That all matter become efficient home characteristic which can be applied for modern people’s life.

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