Glass Room Office Interior Design in Fun and Extraordinary Concept

Awesome Office Interior Design In 2013 With Beautiful Meeting Room Concept And Glass Room Long Wooden Meeting Table Red Chairs Glass Window Colorful Floor

Advertising agency is one of many creative industries in the world, and that is why if you visit advertising agency office you will always see fun office interior design. One of the best advertising agency offices that have fun contemporary interior design is JWT office in Amsterdam. John Walter Thompson or JWT office in Amsterdam is looks like a cartoon palace inside but with modern and creative touch.

When you step inside to the lobby room of JWT office, you will see an inverted wall background behind the lobby desk. This is only the beginning of the real fun concept inside the office room. There is an interesting corridor with cartoon wallpaper design near the elevator. Step inside the office room with fun design and you will see circular sofas in the centre of spacious lobby area. The office is so spacious and colorful that can make you feel comfort in there.

There are so many rooms with unique design inside the office. You can see many small meeting rooms dominated by green color. There is a spacious meeting room with many robotic ambiences in pink, black, and yellow color. You will also see many unique chairs in extraordinary design. One thing that you will never forget is the green meeting room concept. It takes a space in the middle of the room with various plants types inside the.

Now let’s see the cafeteria inside JWT office building. You will step into deep purple cafeteria with many comfort sofas inside. Look at to the wall ornament and you will see caricature drawings in large size on the wall. All spaces in this office building are offering fun and extraordinary interior design to make JWT staff feels free to think about the best idea for their job. JWT has something different with their office interior design idea and it is good for the staff, clients, and also the people who visit the office.



Awesome Office Interior Design In 2013 With Blue Wall And Pink Robot Black Robot Yellow Robot Wooden Table Glass Window Black Chair

Awesome Office Interior Design In 2013 With Cafeteria Inside JWT Office Building And Wooden Floor Purple Sofa Glass Window White Ceiling Hanging Lamp

Awesome Office Interior Design In 2013 With Cartoon Wallpaper  And Circular Blue Sofas Colorful Floor

Awesome Office Interior Design In 2013 With Cartoon Wallpaper  And Lift White Ceramic Floor

Awesome Office Interior Design In 2013 With Cartoon Wallpaper  And Unique Mask Sofas Green Floor Glass Window

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awesome-office-interior-design-in-2013-with-picture-upside down-and-wooden-wall-green-plant-colorful-floor
awesome-office-interior-design-in-2013-corridor-with-cartoon-wallpaper design-and-white-ceramic-floor-glass-window
awesome-office-interior-design-in-2013-with-cartoon-wallpaper -and-lift-white-ceramic-floor
awesome-office-interior-design-in-2013-with-cartoon-wallpaper -and-unique-mask-sofas-green-floor-glass-window
awesome-office-interior-design-in-2013-with-cartoon-wallpaper -and-circular-blue-sofas-colorful-floor


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