Futuristic Highland Home in The Middle of Hills

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There are some alternatives of place which can be location for house living, including highland home which become one of trend in the middle of people. The special position of that place which attract people to build home in there. Those places accommodate people to see around of land from high position. People can see other town from top floor of home. It is unique too, because added by smart design of home. Where the home has modern design which suitable for all people nowadays. The gradual design always becomes choice for home design in that kind of area. With every single angle that deliberately designed to complete nuance of room inside home, it make people become enjoy to stay a long only in that place. The outside spot also built to enjoy highland fresh air, especially when summer comes. Almost in every side of home, there is a terrace which completes those building. The terrace itself adheres on important room like living room, so the living room itself didn’t connected directly to the outside spot.

Highland Home Concept

The basic concept and form from this kind of home is gradual design, where almost all of home side has lower and higher position. It also happens for outside spot too. Highland home architecture need a good planning which can be applied by people, because it is related with condition of land that can give any risks, so it is better to avoid first. Then, the architecture of home itself very accessible because there are some entryway actually which can be used by people. However, the main one is still on front of home. There is glass window and door too near of living room which can be an entryway too.

The inside of home also designed as well with combination of some furniture model. After the entryway from front of home there is a living room which completed by display space, some facilitation’s like sofas, carpet, chairs, and etc. The living sets lead to the outside panorama which separated by glass windows and door. Then, there is kitchen that connected directly with living room. And in the middle of living room and kitchen, there is a simple dining room. There is no boundary among those rooms, so people can easily accesses from one room to another room. The construction of ladder which connects to up floor designed from combination of marble and wood. Then, for inside pathway designed with unique model, where there are small stones on both sides, and then arrangement of marble in the middle of pathway. For outside exterior consist from wood and combined with hard bricks which covered by cements.

Highland Home Trend

Actually, not only one people that choose hills become the position for their home, but also many other people also attract to have it. There are some examples especially in America where the hills already full of home. People can choose that kind of position, but it should be paid attention with condition of land, because it is in high area and most of it consists from big stones, and rough land. Besides that, the inside of home also should be designed as well. The highland home decoration can follow the nuance around of home.

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