Futuristic Container Home for Alternative of Home Design

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The home design is always various, where it is included container home which still rare for people to be applied. The main material which builds that home is rare. If it use container, so people should find the very big one, because it should be container that can accommodate many rooms later. The model of home itself also unique, where big container designed with put some glass doors and window surrounds almost a whole of home. The, for roof also use similar material, which look like asbestos material. The choosing location for that home is also different. The location has to large and suitable with container material, where it is not really hot weather. However, it is not all of home consists from container; there is also some arrangement of bricks which exist near of home.

Container Home Design

The container design itself asks people to look more detail on designing each room inside of home. First container home architecture starting from outside space, where there is a terrace on front of home. The terrace completed by a set of table and chairs also simple fan on top. Then, enter to inside of home; there are some spaces which used to be some rooms. The living room is just simple, because it consists from simple sofas and completed by carpet on the bottom. Then, next to the kitchen room which united with dining room. On that room also
existed sofas and dining set.

For bedroom itself are also very simple. It only consists from one single bed, and sofa also small table and cabinet. There is also big enough space outside on behind of home which used for terrace too, and also completed by beautiful motive of sofa, chairs, and also table. Almost for each room inside of that home always exists sofa or seat, even, it is inside or outside.

Container Home Furniture

For this kind of home, the furniture only needs a simple model. The concept of building can’t force to put any kinds of big and luxury furniture, because container material itself also should be considered and kept it. The simple one also good for people, because it more practice and can make some big spaces too, which is for outside or inside. Container home concept can become one of alternative for people who want a unique material for their own home.

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