Fresh Mini Modern House in Minimalist and Open Interiors

Classy House Design Dark Wooden Floor White Wall Decor

Armalade is the location of this mini modern house which inspires the architect to have it as the name. It is a town in Australia offers plenty vegetative in fertile green leaves bring fresh air to the neighborhood. The grey exterior looks very eye-catching in the middle of greenery surrounding as the first appeal of the family residence. It is a two-story house features modern minimalist architecture with flat walls and roof, a black metal gate, and large windows.

Mini Modern House: the Front Areas

A glass front door greets you to enter the mini modern house interior then meet the long hallway. White walls and dark wood floors are the nice mixture in bringing a warm foyer to go to the main areas. There has been an indoor garden with a big pot and some green plants which can be clearly seen by the glass windows and doors from the foyer and home office then it has a fresh and cool atmosphere for working time.

Mini Modern House: the Main Areas and Backyard

The hallway guides us to the open living room features soft furnishing. The plush ivory seating set consists of a sofa and two loveseats round a brown coffee table. A modern fireplace faces the coffee table with a custom built-in bookshelf to display books or ornaments. Large sliding glass doors connect the living and dining space to the backyard where there is a spacious garden with a reflecting pool and an outdoor bench dining set.

The façade hides the spacious garden in the backyard. The homeowners perhaps want to optimize the lot to prefer building spacious garden than the house. It can be seen by the small house size considering it is still large lot in the back side. However, the minimalist furniture and interior help them to create a larger visual without giving many ornaments to every area. The fresh mini modern house interior offers the occupants a good air circulation from the open space design.

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