Formidable Comfort House for Content of Life

Neat And Comfort House Bedroom Design White Bed Sheet Hanging Fan

Simplicity décor is a thing that will be helping you to enjoy your daily activity; comfort house is one of them. This building which reviewed later is called Blanco house designed by James D.LaRue Architects which located in Austin, Texas.

Comfort House as White Space Area

Here is the example of simple place that bring comfort concept. White layout becomes iconic value from comfort white house for delivering natural and pure ambience. Laminating wooden flooring is applied as it matched with some abstract paintings in playful color, sliding glass door, terracotta brick, and a couple of leather couch. Those items mentioned before will greet people at front room while in the living room, there are white L-shaped leather sofa, glass table, glass coffee table, light wooden wallpaper, floral painting, monochrome glass vase, and bay window. By the use of those stuffs, the room looks charm and open for any people whom come in.

Besides this living room, kitchen area and dining room are installed together. Dotted white marble kitchen island, dark bar stool, laminating wooden storage, metallic pendant lamp, dark granite rack for displaying kitchen collections, and some sets of high-end kitchen appliances are really amusing for cooked lovers. In front of living area, there is a relaxed area with a couple of velvet white couch, round glass table, wooden carving paddles, and of course another bay window. However, let say that most of room space at this building is attempt to make people feel relax and enjoy with their chosen items.

Comfort House Pool

Furthermore, bedroom is also designed in serenity concept where dark grey couch, fan ceiling, flat television, glass jar, television rack, and lion accent fur rug is located close to the bed. However, people can do swimming at outdoor pool which builds in large size to be blending with comfort white house interior with grass area besides the pool.

Unique Integrated Glass Door Panel Abstract Wall Painting

Wooden Theme Kitchen And Bar With Unique Hanging Lamp

Amazing Comfort House Facade With Green Grass And Swimming Pool

Astounding Comfort Bathroom Design White Ceiling Wooden Drawer

Beautiful Comfort House Laminated Wooden Flooring Couple Of Dark Leather Couch

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