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Stunning Simple Small Room Hotel With Half Round Window And Hanging TV Set

Have you ever been going to Greek? Most of people must be very interest with this site by remembering the beautiful scenery and warmth atmosphere coming as sea’s effect and also nice place to stay such as boutique hotel. Katikies Hotels in Oia, Santorin, Greece is offering that kind of advantages.

Boutique Hotel Reviews

Here are some reviews of this boutique hotel. As a kind of iconic Greek building, white boutique hotel is coming up with white stone layout dealing with crystal blue sea water. The upper building is the best because it delivers more pretty view. Besides swimming pool area, there is sun bathing area with some sets of white desk and chair completed with beach umbrella to covering the body along the sunny season.

Due to its location which is on the hill so multiple floors is build connected with outdoor stair in blue-white stripes palette following the sea’s impression. Some trees are planted along the stair to give a piece of calm while people going back to their room after enjoying the Greek’s adventure. However, the swimming pool area is perfect for arranging meeting with friends or family; some people even choose this place to say wedding promise due to its serenity environment. Not only vine leaves or tree that giving best treatment at this place, blooming flower in bright color is also enhancing romantic feeling at this hotel.

Boutique Hotel Service

Next is deck area as a part of room service. A couple of white couch matched with blue stripes cushions are put together with semitransparent desk at deck area. However, there is indoor swimming pool with roof attached from natural stone material with couch along the pool’s edge. Pure white layout and items are dominated the room’s style, light wooden flooring is being the chosen item though. Soft yellow lighting at white boutique hotel impression is being another intimate idea at night for sure.

Unique Indoor Swimming Pool With Natural Stone Roof And Couch Along Pool Edge

White Boutique Hotel Planted Trees On Side Of Connected Floor Stairs

Amazing White Boutique Hotel With White Stone Layout And Ocean View

Astounding Katikies Hotel Bedroom White Pillow Semi Transparent White Curtain

Beautiful Katikies Hotels White Ceiling Wooden Floor Wooden Furnitures

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Amazing-White-Boutique-Hotel-With-White Stone Layout-And-Ocean-View


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