Fascinating Use of Energy Saving Concept in Home Design

Massive Jalousie Window For Eco Friendy House Idea So Use Small Energy For Lighting And HVAC

What do you know about energy saving concept? Just so you know, this concept can simply understood as a concept where you do small things to decrease the use of energy. It is not only energy in form of electricity energy, but it can also in form of fuel energy and any other energy. What do you think about that?

Some people think that this concept is just about switching off the lamps while you go out. More than that, it can also be applied in other aspect. In fact, you can also use energy saving concept for home design. Usually known as sustainable home design, this concept started to be popular; following the media blow up about global warming issue. People started to concern more about the sustainability of human race, and one of the things that they do is applying that concept for their home design.

Using such concept for home design is actually not that difficult. Just like an amazing design here from a project named Queens Park Residence which designed by CplusC Architects and Builders. Located in Australia, this home is built adopting the sustainability idea. The semi open concept is implemented on the home design to reduce the use of electricity for lighting as well as the air conditioner.

Almost every room on this house is equipped with dedicated window for the input of sunlight. This way, they really don’t need to turn on the lamp during the day. And even on the night time, the light from the moon can be a great idea to lighting the room with such romantic atmosphere. The ventilations are also placed on the top side of the walls; to ensure that the transfer of the heat is going on and on so that the inside of the house remains cool. So, does that energy saving concept information help you enough?

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