Fascinating Modern Residence with Glass Windows

Brick Wall For Heat Capture And Driveway Crushed Gravel

Modern Residence is the ideal home for some many people in today’s modern era. Modern home not only provides comfort like most homes, but also offers a variety of facilities and services to accommodate the needs of modern lifestyles, including high technology and an open space with good air circulation, as can be seen in a Ribatejo House by Atelier Nuno Lacerda Lopes.

This home is located on sloping area in one of the hills in Ribatejo, Portugal. whitewashed walls and modern buildings make this home can easily be identified from outside. This home design was made by adapting the sloping areas, including stairs with iron railing as the main access to the house and a solid foundation of natural stone. In addition to a spacious terrace, this Modern Residence Design also comes with a green lawn throughout the eye could see, and a swimming pool with lounge chairs at the edges, an option for homeowners to relax while breathing fresh air.

The house comprised of two levels, with a glass wall that dominates the second floor and a sliding glass door in the basement that connects the exterior to the interior space. downstairs accommodates spacious public rooms, including a living room equipped with a white contemporary sofa. Upon entering this house of glass doors, you will find a long hallway is decorated with paintings on the walls. Combination of wooden floors and white walls make the hallway look brighter, though narrow. Straight wooden staircase is connecting the ground floor and upstairs that accommodate the bedrooms and some private spaces.

One thing that can’t be missed in the design of this house is the perfect lighting, both natural lighting that comes from transparent glass windows and glass doors, and lighting comes from LED lamps in indoor and outdoor. When viewed from the outside, you will be fascinated with LED lights which highlight the exterior walls of Modern Residence Design, coupled with the lighting of the room sticking out of the glass window.

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