Fascinating Modern House with Natural Look

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Along with the modern lifestyle, many people are now turning to Modern House design. Although traditional house is still widely found in suburban or rural areas, but with the increasing consumer demand to create a modern home with a variety of models, we can create a modern home even though the natural look, for example by using wood as the main material of the house.

Modern House in Wood Materials

One of the developers that make the modern design of the Wooden Modern House is SALA Architects. At the glimpse, you can see that this two-story house has been successful to show a typical of modern home, with its firm and real geometric lines. Yellowish light that can be seen from a simple glass window adds warm look in this house. Like most modern homes, this house also uses the concept of open plan by combining several public spaces, such as living room, sitting room, dining room, and kitchen. Neutral colors such as brown, gray and white dominated the look of this spacious room, although a striking red color can still be found in the rows of dining chairs that would steal the show.

Natural atmosphere with a strong brown wood and bamboo can be found in the kitchen with all-wood furniture, ranging from kitchen cabinets to tables and benches that characterize the style of the kitchen island. A refrigerator of stainless steel and shiny surfaces of the countertops are certainly the center of attention here because it is different from the surrounding furniture.

Modern House Bedroom

Ground floor and second floor of the house are connected by a simple wooden staircase with an artistic painting in the corner of the stairs. On the second floor, you’ll find a minimalist bedroom with navy blue walls in accordance with the sheets. Minimalist wooden bed is overlooking the wide glass windows that provide natural lighting in the bedroom. Another advantage of this Wooden Modern House Designs is a walk-in closet that can accommodate all the needs of the owner performances, ranging from clothes, shoes, to accessories.

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