Fascinating Home Interior for the Historical Tourism

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Visiting a historical place is a good way to spending your holiday. It will be more interesting if you can stay in the wonderful house with fascinating design. Palazzo Calo can be a good place for you to stay. In the beginning, it is just a 16th century residence which rebuild completely. Now, it is completed with the recent technological ornaments. The re-modeler is keeping the original stone walls as the artistic ornament in this building. It is enriched with the modern art. Modern home interior makes this house more appealing.

This old residence is remodeled by the esseelle associati studio di architettura. Inside, you will see the brown stone wall which completed with abstract painting. To make it more interesting, a brown sofa and cushions with the same color is placed. A small black glazed table is placed beside the sofa. For the lighting, the curve black lamp is hanged beside the sofa. This brown home interior style is minimalist but still comfortable.

Since this house is made in several levels, there is some stairs here. The white wooden stair will bring you upstairs. Near the stairs, in the lower level you can see the white rounded table with unique chairs around it. A red hanging lamp with unique shape is placed above this table. The long chair with brown lather is available in this level too. On the other level, you can see the rounded glazed table is surrounded by the unique white stools around it. To make it more beautiful, a rounded orange lamp is hanged above the table.

For the bedroom upstairs, you will not see too much furniture on it. A brown white double bed with plain and stripped grey cushions above it is placed there. The brown quilt makes it tidier. For the lighting, there are two deck lamps which placed on the sides of the bed. Using this home interior design idea is very good to attract the tourists.

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